With or without egg?
Crispy pancetta or gorgonzola?
Choose your Burger MAX.


Our idea was to prepare high-quality fast food. A little different - juicier, fresher, tastier. The combination of 100% grilled beef and various ingredients guarantees gastronomic pleasure.


We are a young team of gastro-enthusiasts from Pula who prepares the most delicious burger for you. We would like to share our culinary skills with you.

We prepare Burger max exclusively from fresh beef with the addition of spices we know in a perfect ratio. We control the baking temperature so that the burger is finely brown on the outside and pink and juicy on the inside.

We grab a fresh bun, cheddar cheese, lettuce, then add juicy grilled beef, fresh tomatoes, pickles, and burger sauce. Hungry already? Would you add anything else? We've got everything there to suit your taste.

We know it's a pleasure to have something cold and hedonistic with a burger, so we've added a drinks menu to the menu.